Crash Into Me

A few days ago, my trusty ThinkPad T420s’ hard drive decided that it had enough and it was time to retire. Major bummer, right? Eh, not so much. Thankfully, I have this nifty service called Crashplan which seamlessly backs up all my stuff to the cloud. What a lifesaver. Once it became obvious that the hard drive was beyond the point of reclamation, it turned into a scenario of “OK, let’s move on and do something else.” And because that damn service had all of my shit tucked away in a remote data center somewhere, I could do that. Setup new laptop, load Crashplan on it, start the restore before I leave for work, and my data is waiting for me—fully intact no less—when I get home.

The moral of the story is it only takes one total hard drive failure to make the money you spent on a backup service worth every penny and then some. Get a service and back your data up on the regular.