25 or 6 to 4

the city

Welcome to version 4.0 of dimensionsix dot net. When I first redid D6 last year, I had all these ambitious plans of writing and stuff. What blogger doesn’t? But I got dragged down by this and by that and never really did much with the damn thing. I honestly think part of that was this kick I got on about finding a theme for the site. I’ve been really into design lately and there are so many nice looking WordPress themes to be had all over the internet. I got several of them. I tried to make D6 look all shiny and polished. But, it ended up making me want to write less. Don’t ask me why. Maybe I felt the pressure to make the writing match the shinyness?

There’s a fun drive on the internet to what I’m calling “less is more” design. Sites like Medium emphasize writing over flashy design and I love it. It’s crisp, and it’s clean, and it’s where I’ve decided to take D6. What you see is what you get. Clean. Minimal. Nice. Less is more. In fact, the theme for this is actually forked from a theme called Less, which is nice and wonderfully stark. I’ll write more about what I’ve done here in the future.

Anyway, we’re ready to roll again. Less is more, and it’s a beautiful thing.